Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Off to the Car-Spa for some rehab

I've got to be one of very few people in the world that is actually excited to see his car get hauled away on a flatbed. One night in early March, we hauled the prime-mover-less 318ti down to a buddy's machine/fab shop for the mechanical work.

They're going to design & build the motor/transmssion adapter plate and coupling, motor mounts, and battery boxes.

It felt pretty silly moving it out of the garage into the driveway. I had to crouch inside the car and steer while James pushed. With electric windows stuck up (no battery, no wiring harness, therefore no rolling up or down), and a narrow garage door to navigate, we couldn't have the door open to walk & steer. Additionally, all the seats are out, so there's nothing to sit on. The good news was that with no engine, trans and a whole bunch of other stuff, the car moves pretty easily with just a nudge.

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