Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yabba Dabba Do

As if ripping the engine out of a functioning vehicle and selling off pieces wasn't committment enough, now I've really gone past the point of no return. Up until now, it still would've been plausible to salvage a V6 from some other bimmer, and pretend like the whole goal of the project had been to upgrade from the stock 4cyl to a hot-rod V6.

Not anymore. Now we're into ripping sheetmetal! At this point, we're ready to head off to the drive-in for a rack of dinosaur ribs Flintstone style!

We cut the floor out of the trunk so we can lower the rear batteries. This is the beginning of planning the structure of the battery box. We'll start on the front layout and battery box(es) once we have the motor installed.

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