Sunday, January 25, 2009


Things are moving forward slowly. I sold the engine and a few other parts to a local independent BMW service shop. We had a 60 degree day this week, so I took the transmission and clutch parts to the carwash to clean the gunk off.
I heard this morning that my electric motor has arrived at my buddy's fab shop, so I'll take the transmission over tomorrow so they can start scheming on the coupling and adapter plates.

I've been noodling with a 3D modeling environment, Google's SketchUp. It's pretty easy to pick up for simple shapes and designs. There's also a big library of models that other people have put together. I found a 3D model of a mid-90s BMW 325 sedan. The rear is not the same as my hatchback, but the front is the same. I was able to delete the ICE components from the model and add simple blocks that show the layout of major components in the converted car. The batteries, motor, and controller blocks are all dimensionally correct, although I don't really know if the original model of the 3 series is truly the correct size, so i don't put much stock in the appearance of lots of extra room. Anyway, it's fun to go spinning around in space, looking at the pieces.

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