Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was down at the shop today, and they mentioned that the coupling was cut and ready for a test fit on the motor shaft. Later, I received these pictures of the coupling and flywheel mounted. Every day, in every way, I'm getting closer and closer.


  1. Phil, that looks like a hoot! Can you build me an electric ski boat?

    We need more pictures. What are the plans for cooling the electric motor? Are you using PWM to control motor speed? What controller are you using?


  2. FRED! Thanks for tuning in!

    I started thinking ski-boat (, but realized that if I was going to beat the chinese to the electric car market, I needed to get started on this.

    No plans for separate cooling of the motor. If parade-duty turns into an issue, I might whip up some sort of accessory that can be put on when necessary.

    The Curtis 1231C is PWM, and is widely used for this sort of thing. There's a datasheet at

    Hey, you're actually a practicing EE, wanna build a Battery Equalizing/Monitoring system for me? There's a teensy-tiny market for it (me).