Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Pull Continues

This weekend, work continued on pulling parts. Saturday 1/10 I got the transmission separated from the engine. Now I need to get it to the car-wash to get it cleaned up.

Today I finally got the gas tank off. On this car, the tank is a single molded plastic tank with two "lobes" that sit like saddlebags on either side of the driveshaft under the rear seat bench. The thing that makes taking this thing down tricky is the fact that the e-brake cables run underneath it and the driveshaft runs underneath it. This means that you can't take it out in one piece unless you take those three parts off first.

After going through two or three 16mm sockets trying to get the brake caliper bolts off so I could get the calipers off so I could get the rotors off the rear wheels so I could get the e-brake cable end off the e-brake shoes (inside the disk...) so I could pull the cable off the back so i could pull it out from underneath the gas tank...whew...I decided to cut the gas tank in two and pull it out on either side of the shaft and cables.

It took a couple of hours to get the tank cut down the middle. Of course I was trying to be very careful to avoid making sparks whilst hacking through this thing. Now that it's done, I'm trying very hard to not think about potential ways this little task could've gone wrong.

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