Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Pull

On Saturday the 3rd of January, we got serious. My buddy James came over to help me pull the engine and transmission out. Actually, it was much more like James was pulling the engine and I was handing him tools as he asked for them, and keeping his coffee warm.

It went real well. He all the necessary gear to make it smooth. I had disconnected most of the hoses and wires in advance. There were a few that were too hard to get to. I had been trying to keep everything together so that the engine might be installable in someone else's car with little or no rework. However, there was one bundle of fuel injector sensor and controller wires that was too hard to reach. So, we got the wire cutters out and snipped a big bundle of stuff. That bundle and the heater hoses were the only real casualties of the removal.

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