Saturday, January 2, 2010

One more thought this evening. This whole thing has taken longer than I'd hoped it would. I guess that's okay; at least I am moving forward. But now I REALLY need to get this thing done:
  • We closed on a new house last week and will spend the spring working on an addition and rehab projects.
  • My Dad bought a mid 90's Ranger for me to convert when I'm finished with the EMW.
  • Too many people have a vague fuzzy recollection that I was doing this project and are asking me "whatever happened to that car project?" And when I say that I'm still working on it, they assume that's code for "I gave up".

The good news on the new place is that it's got a nice 40x40 workshop where I can work on the Ranger and a three car garage so the EMW can stay inside where it's warm.

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