Saturday, January 2, 2010

Closer, but still not there

I've made a lot of progress over the last week or so. I got two or three good days of work in during the holidays. Last week I was able to take care of both power cables and control wiring on the control board.

I also placed all the batteries and finished the battery cables.

I fired up the vacuum pump today to see whether or not the switch was wired correctly. Apparently I've got some leaks; it wouldn't pull more than 5-Inches, and when shut off, didn't even hold that much. So I'll have to chase that down. I'm pretty sure I heard some hissing coming from my vacuum tank. Not surprising given that it's three pieces of PVC all glued together plus the fitting.

Here's the requisite shot of the charger cord in the fuel door. Nice work by the Vision Steel guys

on the tread-plate backer. You can see the Elcon charger on the rack in the rear-battery box pic above.

...and here's the first picture of the fully loaded car. Well, all the batteries and major components. The seats are still out, and I'm not sitting in there with my 200+ libbies. According to my original calculations, it should still come in under the GVWR. Just pushing on the four corners, it's not down on the stops yet, but it's pretty soft. I had originally budgeted for sport springs for this and it looks like I'll need them. The good news is that I shouldn't have to look too far to find someone with stiffer springs for a BMW right?

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  1. Excelente! Can't wait to see this bad boy in person. Thanks for the update and good luck with the end run. -John Ed