Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Feeding

I stopped by the workshop today to plug in the charger and see what happens. Again, no sparks. The blinky lights on the charger made sense, so I left it going for the day. If he gets time, James is going to bleed the hydraulic clutch today, and I plan to bring it back home.

Remaining ToDos:

  • Install Battery monitor leads
  • Install Battery overcharging shunts
  • Finish Heater element and core
  • Reassemble interior
  • Drive back to the landscaping rock yard and run it across the scales
  • Locate pre-tear-down height measurements and take it to a local spring shop to see what options I have for stiffening the rear suspension
  • Assemble Lexan water shield for control board (so that in the future I won't have to wait for sunny days like today to drive)
  • Have the Vision Steel guys form some sort of under-motor-splash-guard (see above)
  • Replace Windshield

A little further out:

  • Take care of the paint job (rust on leading edges of hood)
  • Polish or replace headlight units (Angel Eyes anyone?)
  • Set up onboard data logger (CarPC or Arduino with WiFi interface, TBD) and touchscreen display
  • Rework control board; pull everything off the plywood and replace with HDPE (like a big white butcher block)
  • Install Tach sensor and wire to BMW Instrument Cluster Tach
  • Figure out Air Conditioning (we mounted the original compressor near the stub-shaft so that we could drive it off a pulley later on if I wanted to). I may go with a bucket of ice instead.

Way Way Out:

  • Scheme up some sort of removable forced-air motor cooling system for parade duty
  • Scheme up some sort of custom 144VDC-120VAC inverter so that I can use the car as a backup power supply in case an ice storm or tailgate party breaks out

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